PhD Thesis: A Highland Maya People and Their Habitat

The index of files below links to the several chapters and appendices of my PhD thesis. The whole makes an awkwardly large file, and so assembly is left as an excercise for the student. 8-)
00-Preliminaries Title page through index
01-Introduction Introduction to the thesis topic
02-Background Context, methods, purpose and concepts
03-Earth phenomena Weather, landforms, soils, minerals & geology
04-Land Ownership & surveying; place names
05-Ethnobiology Plant and animal naminq and knowledge in K'ekchi'
06-Staple foods Maize, beans and other field crops: management & yields
07-Dooryard gardens Crops limited to near-house locations
08-Animal management Ways to deal with wild and domestic animals
09-Wood-based technologies Houses, firewood, and lumber
10-Maguey fiber Growing, extracting and using a local fiber crop
11-Minor plant-based technologies Basketry, chandlery and brewing
12-Mineral technology Lime roasting and pottery
13-Population Field site census and analysis
14-Summary & conclusions Combined consequences of earlier chapters
15-Appendix A The K'ekchi' language
16-Appendix B Vocabulary of weights and measures
17-Appendix C Maize yield details
18-Appendix D Supplementary census data
19-Appendix E Ethnobotanical dictionary (updated from original thesis version)
20-Appendix F Ethnozoological dictionary (ditto)
21-Appendix G Vocabulary of diseases, parasites and remedies
22-References Bibliography (not updated from thesis version)