Content from field work in Guatemala, 1968-70, and later correspondence with my main informant, Ramón Choco'oj


While my PhD thesis text is copyrighted, it is offered here on condition that it not be altered nor be reproduced for profit or without credit to myself as author.

The same conditions apply to the ethnobotanical text and drawings.

The main item on the Maya-L'ekchi' language is the prologue from a grammar self-published by Father Stephen Haeserijn, for which I was granted specific reproduction rights by the author.

The collection of slide images taken in 1968-70 has not aged well and in many cases quality is permanently reduced by dust embedded in the emulsion during local processing; as I manage to make acceptable digital copies these will be uploaded.

Sr. Ramon Choco'oj is deceased and, so far as I know, his heirs make no claim to copyright on the correspondence between us nor is any legal liability attached to the texts he transcribed for me from interviews with other K'ekchi' speakers and from his own experiences. These K'ekchi' tales are presented here (albeit in an orthography adapted from linguists' usage and not the one in common use in Guatemala) as a resource for anyone with the interest and ability to read, evaluate, and maybe even translate them.

Manifesto by Guatemalan peasant organization, 1992, translated from Spanish original

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