As part of my research into the cultural ecology of a community in the North Guatemalan Highlands I collected plant names and uses from several Maya-K'ekchi' speaking informants. To make up for my scant academic background in botany I made ink outline drawings from fresh specimens and used colored pencils to make these look as life-like as possible, with sections and enlargements to capture details that I trusted would be sufficient to let practicing taxonomists identify each plant to species or even variety level. It later transpired that Dr. Louis O. Williams of Chicago's Field Museum was in my research area and took an interest in my ethnobotanical work; I shipped a collection of pressed specimens to him and later worked with him and his staff to identify these and add them to the Museum's collections. He continued to offer advice and encouragement until his death in 1991.

Digital scans of my drawings are provided here, including text for taxonomic and linguistic identification. The former is given in the latest form available at the time, e.g. Poaceae at the family level rather than Gramineae. The latter is given in the orthography in common use in Guatemala in the index entries below (with italic in place of overbars on lengthened vowels), and in a simplified linguistic orthography on the drawings themselves.

AKA'AL, RAXI Myrtaceae: Eugenia sp.
AX Asteraceae: Polymnia maculata
AX, CAKI Asteraceae: P. oaxacana
BATZUL/X-CUA C'ANTI' Amaryllidaceae: Bomarea hirtella (flower detail)
BAN XUL-E Valerianaceae: Valeriana sorbifolia
CAK'UT Clethraceae: Clethra macrophylla
C'AMPARACUAY Guttiferae: Vismia camparaguey
C'ONON / K'IL Asteraceae: Macvaughiella mexicana
CUARAQ'UIX Papilionaceae: Acacia sp.
CUOYO' Tiliaceae: Triumfetta dumetorum
CH'ALIB Papilionaceae: Calliandra confusa
CH'ALIB (2) Papilionaceae: Acacia deamii (?)
CH'AMAJIJ Melastomaceae: Arthrostemma cilicatum
X-CH'IMA MO' Cucurbitaceae: Cyclanthera explodens
CHOCHOCUEM Cucurbitaceae: Sicyos deppei
CHOCHOCUEM, COC' Cucurbitaceae: Echinopepon horridus
CHU CHE' Monimaceae: Siparuna nicaraguensis
CH'UX QUENK' Papilionaceae: Phaseolus vulgaris cultivar
HOROP / HOROK Euphorbiaceae: Euphorbia cotinifolia
IXIM CHE' Theaceae: Cleyera thaeoides
R-ISQ'UI'IJ MAUSAJCUINK' Lythraceae: Cuphea cartaginensis
ISMIRA' / ISMARA' Lauraceae: Phoebe helicterifolia
IQ'UE, CAK Amaryllidaceae: Furcrea guatemalensis
JOU Asteraceae: Verbesina sp. (?)
K'ANIBON Zingiberaceae (?)
K'OL Q'UIM Poaceae: Panicum sp. (?)
KUL C'AM, K'EKI Liliaceae: Smilax sp.
X-LOB CH'EJEJ Melastomaceae: Conostegia xalapensis
LOCAB Asteraceae: Ageratum houstonianum
LOL QUENK' Papilionaceae: Phaseolus coccineus cultivar
MALBS / BOTONX K'EN Malvaceae: Anoda cristata
MESBE / MES K'EN Malvaceae: Sida acuta
MOX K'EN Musaceae: Heliconia sp.
MUK Anonaceae: Cymbopetalum penduliflorum
NUN QUENK' Papilionaceae: Phaseolus coccineus cultivar
PAR Q'UEN Piperaceae: Peperomia sp.
PAS PAN Dioscoreaceae: Dioscorea convulvulacea
RUM Anacardiaceae: Spondias purpurea
SAKYOL Solanaceae: Cestrum nocturnum
SAYUB C'AM, CAKI Convolvulaceae: Ipomoea seducta
SIB CHE' Flacourtiaceae: Xylosma sp. (?)
TIN K'EN Papilionaceae: Desmodium intortum
TOCAN Rosaceae: Rubus miser
TZA'AJ Asteraceae: Lisianthaea fruticosa
TZI' HA', CAKI Zingiberaceae: Costus spicatus
TZI' HA', SAKI Zingiberaceae: Hedychium coronarium
TZ'IMA'AJ Commelinaceae: Tradescantia guatemalensis
TZINTE', TZINTE' Q'UICHE' Papilionaceae: Erythrina spp.
TZOJ TZOJ C'ANTI' Papilionaceae: Crotalaria angulata
TZOLOJ C'AM Asteraceae: Bidens squarrosa
XUBAY Asteraceae: Bidens triplinervis
XUBUTI' Myrsinaceae: Rapanea myricoides
X-XUC XA'AN Asteraceae: Verbesina scabriuscula
YACL K'EN Phytolaccaceae: Phytolacca icosandra
X-YE QUEJ Poaceae: Hyparrhenia rufa